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Welcome to Darkness Kings Academy. Glad you decided to join us. Looking to be apart of the academy.

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Ham: DKA Test
Pass: 1234

Join the DKA Network:
Ham: the tour 5
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Enjoy and Be Active!!

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Testing Network
Welcome to the Darkness Kings Academy. Please join the following networks:


For Testing:

Ham: DKA Test

Pass: 1234

Academy Network

After your test is complete, please join the following network:


Academy Netwrok:

Ham: the tour 5

Pass: tournament

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 Welcome to The Shop

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PostSubject: Welcome to The Shop   Wed Jan 13, 2010 2:04 pm

Welcome to DKA's Shop! As you know of the points system we run here. It is qutie useful with the opening of the shop. Let's see what you can buy.

Your buying is limited to how much DGT you have. So get to collecting and get teh job done.

The controller next to me of this shop will be Novastar seeing as how he deals with the points system. Once a purchase has been made your DGT will be subbed and you have your product.

Enough of my talking. Red is the item and Green is its cost. Here is the list of items you are able to purchase:

-- Host a Tournament (Once purchased it will be discussed with an Emperor)
--- 1000 DGT ---

-- Host an Event (Once purchased it will be discussed with an Emperor)
--- 2000 DGT ---

-- Change Your Username --
--- 200 DGT ---

-- Create a Widget (It must be useful and have a legitimate reason for being on our forum)
--- 1500 DGT ---

-- Open a Deck/Graphic Shop -- (For deck shop you need to be able to prove your decks work well)
--- 3000 DGT ---

Please Enjoy the Shop. This is how you request an item by the way:

Items Being Purchased:
(If you are buying a Widget, Username change, Tournament, or Event state a reason.)
Reason for Purchasing above item(Applies only to the list above):

The Darkness has risen. The DevilGod known as KingWolfy has returned. DKA to the top.
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Welcome to The Shop
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