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Testing Network
Welcome to the Darkness Kings Academy. Please join the following networks:


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Ham: DKA Test

Pass: 1234

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Ham: the tour 5

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 DKA Official Article Team Application Centre

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PostSubject: DKA Official Article Team Application Centre   Sun Jan 17, 2010 3:53 am

Here are the rules and application for the people who want to join the DKA: Official Article Team


1. You must Post 1 Article in a month.
2. You should know what you're writing about, not just any topic you randomly picked.
3. Be ready to improve and listen to comments even if they're bad.
4. Article should be at least at a range of 600-1000 words.
5. Article should be in clear English.
6. Also, article should be your own work and not copied from somewhere else.
7. And last by not least, only Yu-Gi-Oh! related Articles allowed. Other Articles will be posted in Other articles section.

And here is the application:

KC Name:
Years of Experience: (in dueling)
Other credentials:

If you think you can keep up with these rules and regulation please submit your application with an article of your choice (to show your work) to either me or Kingwolfy via P.M. I/He will analyze the article and P.M you back as soon as possible.

After your submission has reached us, we'll put up your name here to show people that you are being considered. If your name is removed from the list of Applicants then it shows you are no more being considered.

NOTE: Trial Article should be at least 400 words. No maximum limit.
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DKA Official Article Team Application Centre
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