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 Test Criteria's

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PostSubject: Test Criteria's   Sun Jan 17, 2010 10:12 am

Okay, these will be the criteria/s of judgment in your test.

1. Your Deck: Before you take the actual practical test you are to either take a screen shot of your deck (which clearly shows the cards) or give your deck list to your tester before the test. The tester will carefully judge your deck and mark it out of 10. Remember, failing to do this might put you in Dropout or Street Duelists while you could a Tournament Duelist.

2. Your Skills: Your tester will also test how and what you do with your deck. A person could have a great deck but doesn't know how to play it. Also, you can ask your tester for a hint by showing him your hand. This can only be done 3 times in a duel. Your Skills again will be marked out of 10, but taking hints will reduce points.

3. Your Game Knowledge: This is basically for ruling mistakes and playing wrong cards. They will all deduct points. This will be marked out of 5.

4. Your Result: After all that, the tester looks at the end result of the duel. It will be marked out of 15. You will be judged as follows:
- If opponent has won 2 duels, then he/she will be awarded all 15.
- If opponent has won 1 duel, then he/she will be awarded all 10.
- If opponent came close to winning 2 duels but won 1 duel, then he/she will be awarded 12.
- If opponent came close to winning 1 duel but won 0 duels, then he/she will be awarded 5.
- If opponent came close to winning 0 duels, then he/she will be awarded all 0.

After adding all your marks, you will be judged on a total of 40 Points. And then placed in dorms accordingly. It will be like this:
- If you get 30 points or above you will be a Tournament Duelist.
- If you get 20 points to 29 points you will be a Minor Arena Duelist.
- If you get 10 points to 19 points you will be a Street Duelist.
- If you get anything below 10 points then you will be a Dropout.

These Rules are final and all testers are to obey them and mark accordingly. People who are getting tested should also read for clarification. Also, if you were in a winning condition then please take a screen shot and post in on the test results page so we can add extra marks. Thank you for reading…
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Test Criteria's
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