Darkness Kings, Where Emperors Reside
Welcome to Darkness Kings Academy. Glad you decided to join us. Looking to be apart of the academy.

Join the testing network:
Ham: DKA Test
Pass: 1234

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Enjoy and Be Active!!

The place where the true Kings of Darkness are made. Enter a minion leave an Emperor.
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DKA Headlines
1.) Flash Games Open for Play

2.) DKA's Article Team is now recruiting, Apply Now!
Ongoing and Future Tournaments
Current Tournaments: Fusion Tournament (Sign-Ups are Re-Opened)

Birth of the Tag Legacy

Future Tournaments: Dartz's Battle Over Orichalcos

Mr. / Ms. High Score
As of Sunday. The race for a new Mr/Ms. HighScore begins again. The Featured game is Mummy Tomb Part 2!
Friends of DKA
Click below to see some of our friend academies and teams.

1). Duel Academy - Owner EJ http://www.duelacademy.net/
Darkness Kings Staff
Welcome to the Darkness Kings Academy. Here we reside in the upmost respect for our members and try our best to raise the duel level of every member we get. Feel free to PM any of the Emperors or Archdukes with any questions you have. Enjoy your stay in the darkness.
For assistance feel free to seek out our Emperors(Admins) or Archdukes(Mods). The List is as follows:
1.) Dark King Guns
2.) Novastar
3.) KingWolfy 
4.) Timberwolf
1.) Pilover
2.) Alexis Rhodes
3.) Priestshada
1.) Firestorm
2.) Nico Robin
3.) Kuroro Lucifer
4.) D@rk Shade
Please find them if you have questions with anything about our forum. Once again, Enjoy your stay.
KCVDS Updates
Pay attention here for consistently posted updates from Kaiba Corporation.
As we know KC/KCVDS has been under going some serious changes. Just recently the KCVDS system was shut down for a few days. It was soon re-opened, but not many know why. Now to a new surprise Seto Kaiba has closed registration to the forum. The reasons have not been known yet, but we are sure there will be further updates.
Stay around for more information to come.
February 14, 2010:
New Cards have been added for the update of 1.22 that is soon to come. Check out everything in full details on the KC forum. If you were wondering why the new cards were black it because you needed to download the images. Here is the link to do so.
Good Luck with the new cards. Tougher tournaments now.
DKA War History

This is where you can view our war history:






1.)Red-Eyes Academy

The Clock
We have 89 registered users
The newest registered user is dark king8

Our users have posted a total of 1626 messages in 320 subjects
Card of The Week

The CoTW is Sangan:

This monster allows you to set up some wicked hand combos at no cost.

Duelist Of The Week


Firestorm, newest Duelist of the Week. This guy has shown much activity with posting and has really been underway testing hard. Good Job!

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